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From seedling to Oak tree

Becoming a Mature Christian – Part 2

Continuing our 3 part series on ‘Becoming a mature Christian’ This article explores the essential building blocks in laying a strong foundation, whilst identifying some of the common obstacles a Christian is likely to face.


Becoming a Mature Christian

A brand new 3 part series of articles, that shows how each one of us can become a mature Christian. This series will describe what a mature Christian is, the various levels of spiritual maturity, and just what it takes to become spiritually mature.

Caring for your leather Bible

There are some beautiful Bibles out there, finished in gorgeous leather. If you are the proud owner of one of these, you will no doubt want to ensure the leather stays in fine condition.

The Forbidden Tree of Knowledge – part 2

Many have wondered why God placed the ‘Tree of knowledge of good and evil’ and the ‘tree of life’ in the Garden of Eden. Why would God make it possible for one sinful act of man, to corrupt the whole of mankind and all of creation? This second and concluding article in the series, answers […]

The Forbidden Tree of Knowledge – part 1

Few have mentioned it, most give it little thought, but the ‘Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil’ is central to the current state of Mankind as well as his future. This two part series reveals some interesting facts and draws out some surprising details about this forbidden tree.

The accuracy and reliability of scripture

Are you confident your Bible is accurate? There are many Christians that say, it is impossible to have a Bible that is 100% reliable. If that’s the case, how do you know which parts of your Bible are accurate, and which are not?

Are there contradictions in the Bible?

Claims of contradictions and corruptions in the Bible are nothing new. In this article we take a look at the claim and examine a few examples

Where did the bible come from?

a brief look at the Bible’s origins and should provide a fascinating insight into this holy book’s remarkable journey through history.